4KScore is now available in Poland

4KScore Polonia

In the middle of July 2015 HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Center in cooperation with AMEDS Medical Center performed the first 4KScore molecular tests in Poland for their Patients. The 4KScore test enables prognosis of aggressive prostate cancer up to 20 years prior to disease onset.

The 4KScore test is a breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnostics and prevention that can be used in Patients with a history of prostate cancer running in the family or in Patients displaying elevated PSA levels. The 4KScore test is currently the most advanced prostate cancer diagnostic method used in modern urology and oncology. The introduction of 4KScore to Poland is undoubtedly a huge leap forward in early prostate cancer diagnostics and prostate cancer prevention in Europe.

For more information regarding the 4KScore test in Poland:

  • Write to HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Center at: kontakt@hifu.pl
  • Or call HIFU Clinic Prostate Cancer Center at: +48 512 077 461

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