OPKO Health Europe has launched 4Kscore prostate cancer diagnostic test in Mexico

cáncer de próstata

OPKO Health Europe has launched its 4Kscore® prostate cancer diagnostic test in Mexico. The 4Kscore® is a benchmark test in Europe that has been widely studied and validated for more than a decade by scientists at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center and other leading European institutions.

The 4Kscore® is a blood test that provides urologists with information to identify an individual patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer. Based on the results of this test, both the medical specialist and the patient can decide on the best course of treatment to fight the disease.

According to the findings of clinical studies, OPKO Health Europe’s 4Kscore® test could prevent around 30-58% of prostate biopsies.

For more information about 4Kscore® in Mexico, visit www.4kscore.com.mx


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